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Radioactive Cupcakes

It was so fun.

I woke up at 6.30am from a restless night and made myself a fry up ^^ When I got to the train station in my maid outfit I got quite alot of stares and looks, but as soon as I got on the train Craig burst out laughing XD
We got off at Middlesbrough to change over. While we were waiting for the train I got even more looks and stares.

So fast forward to when the train stopped at York, when I saw

laiferr (Livi) in an Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlour Dress board the train. I was drooling! I thought it was just a Bodyline Replica and I was so jealous when I saw it wasn't! I think I hid my jealousy well though ^^ We ended up sitting directly opposite each other, but we didn't introduce each other until we arrived at Leeds Train Station.

We didn't kow where exactly we had to meet so I asked laiferr if she was going to the same venue and she was so we ended up following her and Gary. After texting [info]listerinepree we all met up and got a taxi to Brundenell Social Club. There was a scary drunk guy at the train station babbling to himself and wandering aimlessly.

When we arrives we learnt how to set up tables and I put my engineering skills to the test XD ...organised the donations... I met liemzie (Emma) People were so generous! I saw Baby the Stars Shine Bright Skirts and Angelic Pretty, but I didn't bring enough and I'm meant to be saving money! laiferr , Gary and Craig blew and tied some balloons and then Craig , Gary and I taped them around the venue. It was very challenging aswell XD

We taped up posters and gave out flyers outside of the venue and walked around taping the posters. It was the most challenging task of the day becuse my skirt kept blowing up T_T I wish I made some bloomers.

We al got note pads and pens when we got back and started our maid service.  I thought paying to have your picture taken with maids was such a great idea! When it was quiet we all just socialised with other each other wich was great.


I was so jealous of everyone's dresses though. I restrained myself though which I'm so proud of. I think we raised over 500 which is great! Thanks[info]listerinepree and Briony sorry I don't know her username at the moment.

I didn't take many orders, but I still found it a great experience. We only did 2 maid shots though 3 if you include mine. I'm just waiting for the pictures and then I'll post on my blog www.nakasnet.blogspot.com a much shorter version.

The band 7 inches were great aswell. So much energy I didn't expect it.! I have their music as my profile song on my myspace. I didn't see much dancing though T_T so I just kind of bobbed my head. XD

We ended up geting a lift back to the train station and then the train ride back was okay except we had to wait 45mins at Darlington, but a girl nearly got stuck on the train bcause the door was stuck which was funny.

Hmm :)


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